Friday, December 12, 2014

Race Week!

I took a mini break from writing throughout the Thanksgiving holidays.  This week is race week for the Holiday Half in Portland!  I'm excited to run another half, even though fitting training into my busy schedule has been difficult at times.

A few weeks ago, I went for my last 12-mile long run, and kept my pace to a solid 9:15-9:20 per mile pace.  This pace is what I hope to achieve on Sunday in order to PR!  The weather has been both cold and warm, with lots of rain to deal with (alas winter in Oregon).  During that particular training run, it was mid-40s and rainy.

I have been tapering my runs up until now, and I really believe that I can knock a few minutes off my last half marathon time.  Training during the winter and holiday season is not the easiest time (training in August was a tease) but I love to see how far I can push my limits and keep my fitness level at what it is right now.  Here are a few tips I maintain for running/fitness throughout the holidays:

  1. DRINK WATER!!  Seriously.  With all of the holiday parties, traveling, etc. we often forget the most important thing our bodies need:  water.  I try to drink 5-6 bottles (from my amazing 21-oz Hydroflask) a day.  Especially if you're out on the town, when you get home, try chugging a few glasses before you go to sleep (alcohol dehydrates like crazy).
  2. Make time for your run!  If you have a busy schedule, try to get your run in first thing in the morning.  Even if you're just getting outside for a quick 2 miles, every bit helps.
  3. Switch it up!  If your relatives don't exactly love going out for a 7-mile fartlek, do a group hike, walk through the park, or hit the slopes/ice rink with them.  Cross training helps give your running muscles a rest and works other muscles you may have forgot you had.
Next post will be about my experience in the Holiday Half.  Wish me luck.  Cheers!