Monday, February 23, 2015


 So I've been training for the Eugene Marathon, and a couple weeks ago, I went for a regular 3-mile run, and woke up the next day with pretty bad foot pain. It was sudden and unexpected, so I gave it rest, ice, etc. and the less activity on it, the better it would feel.  I began to expect that my running shoes were beginning to wear thin.

I tried a few more painful attempts at running, and in a last ditch effort before calling the doctor, went to the Nike Employee Store to get some new kicks, a pair of my usual Nike Frees and a pair with a little more support.  I ended up getting a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, which when I tried on at the store felt great.  They also came in a wide size, and although I have wide feet, often can't find quality running shoes in Wide sizes, and so my feet end up suffering.

Those did exactly the trick.  The bit of extra support and cushion, and extra width, immediately relieved my foot pain.  I went for a short 3-mile run in downtown Portland that day and felt as if I was running on clouds!  It's amazing how a tiny little issue can throw off an entire routine.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus (left) and Nike Free 5.0 (right)
I took it easy for the weekend, doing a 6-mile tempo run on Thursday and a reeeeaally easy 14-mile run on Saturday.  The time I took resting my foot definitely set back my endurance a tiny bit, but not much.  I didn't feel fatigued until around mile 12.

I hope this week will continue to show improvement!