Friday, April 17, 2015

3 weeks 'til Eugene!

It has been a long four months, but I'm almost there!  My last 20-mile run is tomorrow morning, and then the "taper" begins.  I'm feeling pretty good, up to around 40 miles a week at this point, and am anxiously excited to run Eugene on Mother's Day.  I hope the weather will be as great as this weekend, 50s and sunny at 7am.

I ran one 20-miler two weeks ago, and felt good and not even that sore the day after.  My pace was around 10:30 per mile, and if anything, my body was just tired from not having the proper replenisher needed in those late miles (I brought Nuun with me but finished it and was just drinking water for miles 14-20).  But overall, my body feels ready to take on this last 20-miler tomorrow!

I usually run in the afternoon, but I wanted to make sure to throw at least one morning long run into my training schedule to simulate what it will be like on race day.  The key for me is making sure I hydrate enough the night before a morning run (which could be difficult with a Friday beer during the Winterhawks playoff game today, I'll have to limit myself to just one!!)

Happy Friday.

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